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    Our client base ranges from corporations to staffing companies. We work closely with our clients to completely understand and deliver the services that meet their needs.

    Here's what our clients are saying about us:

    • "As a boutique recruiting firm, MatchHire has been a lifesaver. The development team has thought of nearly everything for easing the stream of information surrounding the hiring process from communicating with candidates to sharing information among recruiters in our firm.

      The system is extremely intuitive, simple, and effective. The thing I like most about MatchHire is the responsiveness of the technical and development team in implementing recommendations suggested by me and in sharing solutions with their clients."
      Lynne Ballegeer, Vice President and Executive Recruiter at Phoenix Group International
    • "MatchHire, provided top notch service and delivered a great product. There team of developers listened to our HR and IT staff’s wants and needs, providing us with a hassle-free experience unlike any I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

      This was without a doubt the easiest third-party, ASP provided, product I have ever deployed. Great customizable product we will use for years to come."
      Kelly Swanson, Travis Credit Union

    • "I needed a turnkey ATS to help me keep track of candidates applying for multiple jobs, in multiple offices, using multiple response methods. Matchhire helped me channel all the candidates into one manageable stream. Now, when a candidate applies for a job, I get an email notifying me, I can forward those candidates that look interesting to other people in my organization and in an instant, update the status of each candidate and keep up to date on candidates with notes and the Matchhire provided drop down lists.

      Posting and modifying jobs is a breeze, and duplicating jobs is a snap. I also like the searchable database of resumes I can harvest when I have openings. Pulling resumes from word and text files and importing them into Matchhire is probably the most useful tool I've found. I don't have to retype the information of candidates who've sent me a copy of their resume, I simply use the parse import feature and viola, I have their resume imported and searchable in Matchhire.

      Simple, powerful and easy to use. That's why I chose Matchhire.
      Henry Roman, Recruiter, Allegiance Hospice

    • Matchhire offers products and services at an affordable price yet customer satisfaction is maintained at a very professional level. Superb pre sale and post sale customer service and fast response from technical support."
      Cristine Goom, CEO Oz Recruitment

    • " Matchhire have superb client support! I'm extremely satisfied with the software, which is integrated to perform as my web site. MatchHire staff took priority to service my company needs.
      I look forward to a long term relationship."
      Selena R. Poole, CEO Cornerstone Healthcare Staffing, Inc.

    • "Thanks for getting ALL of our requests done so quickly. I am very impressed with the level of customer service we have received with your company."
      Wendi D., NBC 29

    • "We at the Collegiate Recruitment Team did a lot of research into companies that offer turn key career board software for sale, only to be disappointed in what those companies charged for their product and support.

      The first thing the team at Avidweb did was give us a list of references that we could call in order to get feedback about Avidweb and your group. Each call we made turned up the same results. Each client was ecstatic about their partnership with Avidweb and looked forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

      We now find ourselves among that long list of very satisfied customers. Avidweb has more than exceeded our expectations."
      Wendell T., Collegiate Recruitment Team Inc.