MatchHire ATS Integration Service

MatchHire ATS integration extends the current functionality of your existing ATS or Job Board to provide additional services to your recruiters, customers and candidates. Improve user experience, increase productivity and streamline your business processes.

There are hundreds of services that can be integrated with your ATS or Job Board without impacting your ATS functionality or changing your current ATS. We give you the choice of using your preferred vendors and MatchHire seamlessly connects your different services simultaneously.

Our integration does not require you to change your existing ATS, Job Board, or business process. Multiple services integrated together will work as one solution to increase productivity, improve candidate conversion and a an overall better user experience for your recruiters, candidates and clients.

Sample Use cases:

  • Integrate your existing ATS such as Zoho Recruit with a CRM such as Zendesk
  • Keep in touch with your candidates in your ATS by automatically sending text messages through SMS services such as Twilio
  • Send marketing campaigns to your clients in your ATS through email marketing services such as Constant Contact
  • Integrate Google AI-Powered Job Search with jobs in your ATS to provide your candidates with additional matching opporunities based on their searches
  • Use AI Job Search to send high quality matching jobs to candidates by email
  • Connect services such as google sheets with your ATS to automatically create records based on different actions in the ATS or Job Board
We integrate services with the following sample: