MatchHire ATS Job Advertising Service

Advertise your jobs on Google and Social Media. MatchHire automates advertising of your jobs to Google and your social media accounts. We generate a search engine optimized (SEO) list of your jobs and utilize Google structured data to make your job postings searchable by millions of job seekers who search on Google every day.

MatchHire will also automatically post your jobs to your social media accounts on regular basis such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Slack and dynamically add a set of hashtags to each of your postings to maximize engagement and traffic.

Benefits of Job Advertising with MatchHire:

  • Increase traffic and engagement to your job postings through Google Job searches and Social Media
  • Keep your existing ATS and Job Board technology. Applicants are routed automatically to your site to view your postings and apply
  • Target passive candidates and increase your applicant pool