Google Talent Solution - Job Matching API

Leverage Google's Job Matching API to apply Artificial Intelligence job searches for your candidates.

MatchHire integrates Google Talent solution with your Job postings to return high quality results to your job seekers. Our integration does not require you to change your existing ATS, Job Board, or application process.

Google Talent Solution uses Machine Learning (ML) technology to better understand job content and jobseeker intent and automatically recommend related titles and industries that goes beyond simple keywords searching.

Various companies are already using Google's talent solution such as Johnson & Johnson, CareerBuilder and Siemens to increase candidate conversion rates by up to 78%.

Sample Use cases:

  • Use MatchHire Job Wrapping service to extract all your jobs from your existing ATS and setup a standalone Job search page utilizing Google Job Search AI to match more jobs to candidate's job search.
  • Using Google AI Job Search above, candidate is routed back to your ATS to apply to your job or receive applications directly into your ATS using MatchHire ATS integration service
  • Use AI Job Search to send high quality matching jobs to candidates by email
  • Convert your existing Job Board search technology to use Google AI Job Search