MatchHire Job Wrapping Service

Job Wrapping or Job Scraping service from MatchHire allows you to automatically post jobs from an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or career site into another service or system. MatchHire's Job Wrapping ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process explained:


Extract Jobs

MatchHire crawls your Website, Job Board, API or ATS on a scheduled basis and Extracts jobs from your website. Our crawling methods does not increase load on your servers and are even performed during light user traffic times. No changes are required from your end.


Jobs Transformed

Transforms the data to ensure a standarized data format for preparation to load the jobs into the format of choice. Transformation includes cleaning, mapping and formatting the data to desired specifications


Jobs Exported or loaded into your specified format

MatchHire loads the jobs into the the format of choice such as XLS, CSV, XML, RSS, SQL or even inserting it directly into your database*. Data files are delivered through a URL or FTP to download, or we perform an HTTP Post, API integration or direct insertion into a database or ATS. MatchHire Job Wrapping service is seamless, secure and automated.

Sample Use cases:

  • Create an XML feed of your Career Site's postings according to specifications from services such as ZipRecruiter,,, JuJu or as a generic XML feed
  • Get an email sent to your recruiters with an attached CSV file of all your posted jobs
  • Import jobs from your client's career site into your job board or database
  • Filter out jobs based on keywords from site and generate an email to send out to your Job Seekers