MatchHire ATS Migration Service

MatchHire can migrate data from your current ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) into a new ATS or service. We can migrate your jobs, users, resumes, notes and files. This is useful if you are outgrowing your existing ATS, prefer another ATS or want to use your own proprietary system and require your data exported.

Different Applicant Tracking Software providers use different technologies to store your data. We extract your data using a combination of your ATS APIs, Scrapping, Job Wrapping and working with your provider to retreive data from your ATS.

Some Benefits of ATS Migration:

  • Reduce your costs by migrating to a new ATS
  • Upgrade your ATS to another provider to include more features or for ease of use
  • Extract your data for internal auditing and archiving purposes

Sample Use cases:

  • Migrate your data from your current ATS such as Bullhorn to another ATS such as Workday or vice versa
  • Extract all data from your ATS into XML or CSV data feeds for importing manually to another ATS or service
  • Merge your data from 2 or more ATS into a single system
  • Migrate only part of your data from your existing ATS such a your job postings and implement Google AI Search for your candidates